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Experience, Expertise and Execution

R12 Capital…we’ve got your business needs covered. We provide a NET Positive service for our clients with a level of customer service beyond all expectations, by providing an unparalleled suite of services that no other company can match. And we are always a Net Positive meaning we only get paid if you save FIRST. So you never have any expense working with us and we always strive to minimize you and your staff’s workload to get set up.

We can maximize your Net Profit by minimizing your costs and expenses, ensuring you get the maximum Net Income.

We do all of this with:

  • NO Upfront Fees
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Proven Performance

Contact us for a confidential review so we can provide you with a proposal of what we could possibly accomplish for you.

We work with Accountants, CPA’s, Controllers, CFO’s and owners to help them and their companies qualify for these unique and under utilized programs.

What We Do

Grow sales, Reduce Costs, acquire good businesses

We specialize in finding and acquiring good business, providing unique financial structures that help small, medium, and large companies grow sales and profits, and operate more efficiently.

What are some of the biggest challenges (aka costs and risks) facing businesses today?

AP – OpEx – Health Care – Energy – Taxes –

Workers Comp – Credit Card Costs – and More!

We can address each one of these issues in order to attempt to:

Use digital marketing primarily, in order to grow sales, when appropriate.

Utilize existing staff wherever possible and provide additional growth opportunities for them to further develop their careers.

Turn AP into a fraud fighting, Revenue Generator instead of an expense

Optimize all OpEx Costs to make sure that you are getting the rates you deserve – automatically. We also provide ongoing monitoring.

  1. Reduce Health Care Costs while minimizing out of pocket costs (and perhaps increasing the Net Pay) for employees, with no change to current provider/carrier.

Reduce Energy Costs by 50-75% with No new cost

Reduce or eliminate Taxes using under utilized portions of the tax code

Identify, Qualify, and Register for Tax and Other Incentives and Programs

Provide professional expense reduction for your major expense categories


Provide Exclusive Services

Increase Your Net Profit - We have a long list of services that we can provide that are designed to REDUCE the operating costs and INCREASE the income for businesses and CRE Owners in almost any industry. You could Maximize Profits without sacrificing quality of service or benefits for your employees. Let us help you with:

  • Accounts Payable

  • Healthcare Efficiencies

  • Shipping

  • Opex Reduction

  • Smart Energy Solutions

  • Workers Comp Savings

  • Bill Auditing

You could Maximize Profits without sacrificing quality of service or benefits for your employees. Let us help you with:


What Successful People Say about Cost Reduction

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“Control your expenses better then your competition. This is where you car always find the competitive advantage.”

Sam WaltonFounder of Wal-Mart

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“What get measured gets managed.”

Peter DruckerManagement Consultant

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“Organize around business functions, not people. Build systems within each business function. Let systems run the systems. People come and go but the systems remain constant.”

Michael GerberAuthor of The E-Myth

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“Focus on cost improvement makes it possible for us to afford lower prices, which drives grwoth. Growth spreads fixed costs across more sales, reducing cost per unit, which makes possible more price reductions. Csutomers like this, and it’s good for shareholders.”

Jeff BezosFounder of Amazon


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